BULLET PROOF YOUR BUSINESS #becauseadultingishardenough #makeitlifeproof


You’re a Business Owner thats been up and running for a few years.

You can’t remember the last time you didn’t feel absolutely stressed out and like you constantly have a million things to do and every month (year??) is the same old – same old?


Being overwhelmed by everything.

Overthinking. Every. Single. Task.

Signing up for all the magic freebies.

All the time, energy and money wasted on trial and error.

Procrastinating and sticking your head in the sand.

Every year being the same struggle with the same mediocre results.

To tackle that to do list you’ve been putting off – things that you know will come back and bite you on the arse if you don’t get them sorted!


It’s time to step into your CEO role and bulletproof your business and make sure that all the gaps are being filled and the to-dos done.

To work with someone who understands you, and the pressures of running your own business.

Someone you can be open with, who can push you to achieve your best and isn’t offering fluffy theory but down to earth help, support and solutions.

Someone who will have your back – but call you out on any excuses, kick you up the ass and not let you hide in the corner and get you out of this funk you have slid into.

I will have your back up but I will call you out on your internal bullshit. I won’t put up with excuses and together we will get this sorted.



I work with business owners and help get your business streamlined and in tip top shape.

I’m ridiculously passionate about what I do.

I’m the kind of weirdo that finds admin exciting and gets ridiculously excited by systems and processes, technology and gadgets, data, facts and figures.

I live to help others find solutions and workarounds to their business woes.

Whatever it is you need – I got ya covered.


You know what help you need and you have the time and energy to do it yourself. Access my resources and trainings to get shit sorted.


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You arent sure if you need more hands on help or if there is a service just right for you. You want a quick chat to get things moving.

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Who is your Business Wife?

I’m Rebecca Catterall.


I specialise in helping established service business owners fix their problems.


I’m an Online Business Manager (OBM) that specialises in Business Strategy and Operations – so everything that goes on behind the scenes – alllll the moving parts!


I can get your business whipped into shape with a mixture of hand holding and ass kicking with down to earth strategies, solutions and support for struggling business owners like yourself.


Some say I specialise in nagging. Can’t say I disagree too much. Nagging and getting down to the nitty gritty underlying issues of what the dickens you and your business needs is what gets me out of bed in the morning. That and I’m eternally/equally curious and nosy.


I offer courses for those that want a DIY approach to fixing things and a Done With You solution for those that want a more hands on approach.

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