*otherwise known as – Gadget and Gizmo round up…

I have magpie syndrome and get distracted by every single new gadget, gizmo, app and idea that comes onto the market (or internet).. Damm you Interweb.

So I tend to experiment, research, play, trial and assess A LOT of apps and programs throughout the year.

Throughout the year these are the apps I kept coming back to or using religiously..

Trello – for blog planning it is my saviour, equally fabulous for idea bashing, brain storming, project managing, list making, it’s simple drag and drop layout is a godsend and easy to share things with others..

Kindle App – I devour books. I eat them for breakfast. I took advantage of the Kindle Unlimited Trial offer last year as well which hasn’t really helped me with my book addiction. I read on my Mac, laptop, iPad and iPhone. I use it everywhere and anywhere and love being able to search for keywords within the more academic tomes, or highlight passages I like. But feel free to buy me real books as well.. Love the feel of a book.

Edgar – more expensive than its main competitor Hootsuite but it offers (in my eyes) a totally different experience. I can put together a schedule of what type of posts to go out to different networks, pages and groups at particular times of day. I can split my posts into categories. Edgar then takes a post from the specified folder and posts it for you. Whereas Hootsuite also offers the ability to interact – this isn’t something I need as I interact directly on fb. I tried Hootsuite but don’t get it, I don’t gel with it. I enjoy using Edgar and find it painless from beginning to end.

Google Drive – lotsa free beautiful online space to save and share files. I have 2 Google accounts – my domain emails run through Google so I get a lovely 32gb with option to upgrade and my personal account gets a free bit of storage as well. I store all my files for my website, business planning, accounts etc on my Google Drive so that I can access them from anywhere and share them with my PA. I also use dropbox (for client share files) and iCloud thingy watsit (for fruity back ups).

Canva – a free app to create graphic design and its amazing! I can’t praise it highly enough. That and my Geek crush Guy Kawasaki is involved in it makes it even more awesome. I use it for making all my Facebook covers, ads and posts, google+, twitter and YouTube stuff, Pdfs and planners, posters.  I also use PicMonkey (free version) and I’m toying with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Thats all for now folks.


*off to find the Nutella*