Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go. Seth Godin

Marketing is all about creating opportunities.

Opportunities for people to see you, get to know, like and trust you… Yup all that before they’ve even bought a bloody thing. You need to learn to embrace marketing, it’s not a dirty word I promise. It used to freak me out, but with a little experience and learning I now love it. It’s a challenge to be conquered. It’s my opportunity to try new and innovative methods. To tweak. To test. To measure and understand the results. Here are the techniques I use and recommend… 1. Look at your current marketing – how many paths currently lead to your front door? Are you just relying on word of mouth, social media, networking and emails?

2. Have you adopted a spray and pray approach – where you just throw money, time and resources at EVERY single style of marketing? THIS WONT END WELL. Wasting time and resources let alone money. Don’t try to be on all social media platforms, on leaflets, adverts, videos, blogs, networks and everywhereeeeeeee.  Pick a few and try for a set period. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

3. Are you measuring the results? No? Do it… ask EVERYONE where they heard about you, how they found you. If one method isn’t working or has little return (that expensive run of adverts in a local magazine…) then learn from it and NEVER do it again. How much did you spend on this marketing style, how much time and energy did it take up, how much business or interest has it generated. Could you make it work better?

4. If you aren’t consistent with your marketing attempts you may well end up in a feast or famine cycle. You market. You get new customers… So you stop the marketing. Customer numbers drop. Cash flow plummets. You throw yourself into marketing again in a panic… You get new customers… Sound familiar?

5. Embrace marketing as this is how you bring those customers to your door. Be true to your company style and your voice. And remember that marketing isn’t just about selling a product or service… Customers buy for the benefits of your product. For the pain points it solves. You are being paid to take the pain away. To make things better.

6. Having a really great elevator pitch can help here as it will help you identify the pain points and you can use it when marketing yourself. Here’s one of my first ever videos – Elevator Pitch Script – I cover how to make your own elevator pitch and give you a script you can use, follow and tweak.

7. Consider your competitors, what can you do that they aren’t. What tricks are they missing. What do you feel when you look at their marketing? Look at the missed opportunities. Add complementary services, run a free workshop, provide a better service or aftercare/follow up package..anything to make you stand out from your peers.

8. Has an advert or marketing trick caught your eye recently. Take a picture or record what it was. Assess what it is about it that appeals to you. Learn to break down marketing styles, the colours, images and messages – how can you use those techniques. Look at the glossy magazines and the headlines they use to entice folk in. Tweak these things and apply to your marketing.

9. Finally, Know thy customer. If you find yourself saying that everyone could be your customer that I say unto you – Wrong.  Your branding, location, product/service, price, language etc will automatically appeal to some sections rather than others. Me personally from research based on my social media and web analytics and event attendance  – I know my main customer type (97%) is a women between the ages of 34 – 56. She’s either pre start up and getting ready to dip her toes in being self employed/start her business or she’s already trading. I know that 70% of my customers are in the UK, of those 80% are in the North West. I can go into further detail about my customer types as well… and all that helps me know what to work on in marketing and services to create things that will attract her.

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