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I’m Rebecca Catterall, Problem Solver Extraordinaire and my purpose in life is helping small business owners like you reclaim your passion, pizazz and wow factor enabling you and your business to blossom and grow.

It’s all about me… And you…

You are in the right place if you’re absolutely overwhelmed running your business, you can’t keep juggling all those tasks and you are fed up with trying to wear all the hats.

You know things could be better – you just don’t know which steps to take first.

I can help you with that.  I can help you create sustainable, long-term, lasting solutions and systems that will grow with you and your business.  No more sticking plasters on bits of your business that don’t last and fall off.

No more faffing. SOLVED.  SORTED.  BOOM!

Simple packages offering simple solutions – choose from a Quick and Dirty Brain Storm, an in-depth All Yours month long treat, or dip your toes in and try out my membership community – WOWPRENEURS – a fusion of networking and coaching.

I help you be the best that you can be – without propping you up and offering fluffy theory.  Working with me will help you build solid foundations that are necessary to be successful in life and business. I deliver bullshit free, down to earth solutions and support.

I spent over 15 years managing facts, reputations, people and finances and evolving strategy, process and policy for Small Businesses and the Third Sector.  I have enjoyed coaching people through work, community and educational programmes for the last 10 years. I hold a 1st class honours degree and a few ‘ologyies. I have qualifications in business, accounts, and a multitude of topics. I love learning and fully believe that we should all strive to learn new skills and improve ourselves as much as possible.  If qualifications and having a nosy excite you – check out my LinkedIn page.

Irrelevant Facts About Moi

I am not known for being a shy and retiring wallflower,  I have fingers in many pies and a plethora of hats, sit on many boards and have a penchant for words and facts.  I am also one to watch if you have pretty pens…

I love to travel and explore. I have visited and lived in many places, from Libya to Nigeria, Oman to Zimbabwe, Dublin to Portugal, Ambleside to Colne.

I adore holding dinner parties, cooking amazing dishes (never cake.. I can’t make a cake to save my life), crochet,  investigating and mooching around new towns, admiring architecture, listening to live music, trying new experiences and learning – always learning.

I home educated my youngest – I am not sure who learnt more in the process. I loved every minute of it. Nearly.

I volunteer as everything from a tea lady (complete with pinny) at my local Cricket Club to a Trustee at Trawden Community Centre and as a Director for a local social enterprise.Volunteer Photo

Totes… I mean totes addicted to cray cray words and will use them everywhere given half a chance. Not in a serious way – I just love silly words. I know – they are reem. My children love me using them in public. *cough*

Can’t break the habit of using ellipses everywhere…

I can’t whistle. And my old choir master only allowed me in the choir as he was short on numbers… on the proviso that I mimed… I am THAT bad…

I do not understand washi tape. Why? What is it’s purpose? Nor do I get scrapbooking. The concept yes.. I just don’t have a clue where to begin. Does it matter? It shouldn’t – but dang you Pinterest if I don’t want to journal and scrapbook all of a sudden… I have a thing for pretty stationery and Ikea.  J’adore.