If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster. Stephen R. Covey.

Facebook Growth

Facebook Growth – it’s something we all want. Who can blame us for wanting to see the Likes go up. The number of fans following us grow. That’s the point of being on Facebook right? Well… No… What I want is a number of engaged fans interested in my service. Not 1000 fans that never share, like or comment. I would rather have just 100 that interacted with me. There are those amongst us though so eager for new Likes that they engage in an ancient practice called… Like Ladders.  *read that in a Voice of DOOM style* What are Like Ladders?  Like Ladders are generally a Facebook post on which everyone shares their Facebook business page with the idea being everyone likes everyone else’s page to assist with page growth. Seeing Like Ladders reduces me to grumpy old rant lady immediately. What’s wrong with Like Ladders I hear you ask?  Well my friend – read on to find out whats wrong with Facebook likes and  how to win at Facebook without using them. They are damaging, bad bad practice and a kitten dies every time you take part in one. *ok – not the kitten bit* People who like your page through such reciprocal schemes will most likely never become customers. So whilst the lovely likes go up, your reach will plummet and the limited interaction on your page is getting shown to fewer and fewer people. This is due to Facebook’s beautiful and complex algorithms (mentally complicated formulas) which basic nullify the empty likes.

Page Engagement

If people like your page but never engage – you will disappear from their newsfeed as Facebook can see they don’t interact with you and therefore you disappear. POOF. Gone. Facebook’s engagement calculation is based on the engagement of your fans – if all your updates get a reasonable percentage of interaction Facebook will know that your page is relevant and interesting.  Which in turn makes it more likely to put your posts into your fans feeds.  This also works the other way – you’ve increased your fans. But interaction levels drop, Facebook sees your fans aren’t interested in your content. It isn’t relevant and interesting to them – so it reduces the number of posts it shares. So the excuse that – ‘I partake as even if my new fans don’t engage – their friends may see my page’ is dead. Dead dead dead.

Spam Spam Spam Spam 

*ode to Monty Python* If you participate in several like ladders with likes and/or comments on too many pages in quick succession – Facebook will judge you as a Spammer. And if you’re actions are seen as Spam, you run the risk of Facebook blocking you – sometimes for a fixed time out period of 30 days or worse… dun dun duhhhh.

Ways to actually grow you Facebook Page…

A slow grow is better than forced growth any time. Growing naturally (organically) will give you loyal fans with a genuine interest in you and your product or service that enjoy engaging with your content. Post useful and interesting content that is aimed at your ideal customer that fans will want to read comment and share on. Paid advertising. Yup. I said it. Facebook adverts just need a little time and patience and when done well will help you reach many targets – ‘page likes’ being one of them. If you MUST participate in such heinous acts as Like Ladders – then for the love of my mental health – please just follow people you are genuinely interested in.  Use Like Ladders in forums that have people that are in your Ideal Customer remit. I’ll be posting more on how to get the most from your Facebook Page over the coming weeks so follow me or sign up to my newsletter with the paraphernalia of boxes and buttons below and make sure you get my blog as well as access to my toolkit of resources, free courses and a host of goodies. So remember likes don’t help your page as much as lack of engagement will hurt you. Facebook is not a numbers game in that sense – its about engaging with the consumer and getting them to know like and trust you.


Until next time my beauties....


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