UPDATE: The functionality of this has been massively paired back. Upsettingly so. But some of the search terms are still useable. Its worth your while having a play.___________
I must admit I got excited.. I will admit the word graph brings me geeky pleasure. Do you know what – not a single bloody graph in sight. :/
BUT.. oh my days.. this analytical tool that the genii (it’s a real word even if most y’all use geniuses) at Facebook have come up with is amazing to pin point where your Ideal Customer is hanging out, or who is smooching with your competitors , or what weird and wacky interests your friends have. My friends results weren’t all that surprising, cake, wine and chocolate showed up in the top 5.
Want to know what you can do with it – honestly its amazing…

The simplest most straight forward guide to Facebook’s Graph Search function that I have found is written by John Timmerman from Goodmonster.com. Take your time and read through it and think about what you really want to know. My go to common search at the moment is “Groups joined by people who like ABC” – with ABC being a competitor, my own page, an interest page etc.
For must UK users – you won’t yet have graph search – although its been rolled out in the US for some time – it’s not yet in the UK. Argghh why is she telling us this then. A few simple clicks and you can have it!
To get Graph Search in the UK.
On your personal account – go to Settings – it will take you to ‘General Account Settings’ – select Language… and change to English (US).
Done. Pretty painless right?
Until next time..