I delayed launching my business by 6 months as I didn’t have the PERFECT FREEBIE.

Apparently you CANNOT launch a business or product or even a website without a fabulous freebie to make folks sign up to your mailing list. If you try you will FAIL *cue evil laughing.

You need to write and plan the freebie with your ideal perfect customer in mind. And then design a mocked up 3D cover. Then figure out how to set up automated rules on MailChimp to send it out when Joe Bloggs signs up. And then and then..


This will eat away at your soul. You will feel like a failure if you don’t know what to give and end up offering similar regurgitated stuff to 50 zillion other micro/small businesses in the world.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve had some AMAZING freebies that have led me to being a customer. But if it ain’t coming naturally don’t force it. Don’t fret. Fuck it.

It isn’t the be all and end all of life and the world will continue if you don’t have one. The right customers will come to you if you offer things of value to them.

My epiphany occurred the other day after reading a blog on The Middle Finger Project (Mega awesome sweary pants ladies). People can sign up for my newsletter as I offer value. And information. Good information. Good content. AMAZING CONTENT.

This was further hammered home whilst getting ready for a first date.. I was trying to work out what my date might prefer. Make up or fresh faced, dressed up or down.. Trying to please him before I’d met him.. I’m all for making that effort ladies and gents but at the end of the day he’s got to like the real me and take me as I am. No bullshit shiny wrapping. No freebies.

I digress. Stop listening to other folks about what you MUST DO. If the freebies, landing pages, complicated sales funnels etc isn’t for you… Then don’t do it. Don’t stress over the little things just get yourself out there and tweak as you go along.

That’s all for now folks..

Take care Dudes – until next time