Sheryl Crow said it best when she sang ‘Sheryl Crow ~ A change would do you good‘.

When you are planning and running your own business we can get so bogged down in what our path is, what we will and won’t do – that we can ignore the signs that life is about to slap us in the face with the need to change.

Helping other people is second nature to me. Helping them change is what I do. Taking my own advice…
Pfft. That my dears is a different matter.

I am a bag of mixed emotions with regards change and decisions. One minute I can go with the flow and be super impulsive.. and yet with other things – I can take forever… years even to come to a decision.

This last few weeks I have had bits of feedback from my accountability group and my online business manager as well as clients.. and…. After a week of moping, feeling like an utter failure and yes.. maybe sulking in my office… I realised the feedback was right.

The direction I expected and wanted my business to grow in – isn’t happening. What people want from me – it isn’t what I expected. So here I am – totally turning my business on its head and really changing things up.

That first week though.. that week was spent digging my heels in. I was NOT up for changing. I had set my path and woe betide anyone who tried to deviate me from it.

Heres how I dealt with it (minus the moping/sulking – add it in if neccesary)

If change comes a’knocking at your door…

1) Open the dang door and listen to the voice of change.

2) Give yourself time to mull over whether the change is necessary. Is it right for your business?

3) If you are going to make changes – Map. Them. Out. Scribble everywhere and plan out the various changes needed and how it would work. How would you take things forward and implement this?

4) Break the changes down into actions and give them a timeframe and order to be completed in.

TA-DAH!! Done..

If you want to map out online or in an app rather than on beautiful murdered trees – I recommend trying out any of these on LifeHacker – I have used MindJet, XMind, FreeMind, MindNode – not played with Coggle but it looks good.

I am totally up for bootstrapping and saving pennies so I often use free versions – give them a try for plotting out ideas, launches, marketing or even event plans!

If you need help implementing or mapping out how to get things rolling – check out my Brain Storm sessions. Its amazing what we can come up with in 1 intensely focused hour.

Take care and open yourself up to the possibility of change. It isn’t as scary as you expect it to be if you break it down into a little action plan.

Until next time my hearties…. 


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