Running your business, juggling home commitments, struggling to balance it all…

It’s how we handle our struggles, that will define if we succeed or become overun by them.

Whatever your issues are – goal setting or reaching, lack of focus or vision, or just overwhelmed by everything you need to do…



You are in the right place to get solutions and support to take you forward.

You are in the right place – if you want to work with someone who understands you, and the pressures of running your own business.
Someone you can be open with, who can push you to achieve your best and isn’t offering fluffy theory but down to earth support and solutions.

Rebecca Catterall - Business Coach for struggling Entrepreneurs.

I’m Rebecca – I specialise in helping businesses fix problems.

We can get your business whipped into shape with a mixture of hand holding and ass kicking whilst finally silencing that snarky inner critic we all have. There is no new age techniques, manifesting or abundance. Just strategies, solutions and support for struggling business owners like yourself.

Want affordable support – month in, month out, in a small group setting? Then WOWPRENEURS is for you. A private, small, friendly group, regular group calls, weekly accountability (kicks up the ass) and office hours to keep you on track with your goals. Add to that Quarterly reviews to help make sure you are on target with your goals for the year and allow you time to fine tunes things.  What more could you want?

KNOW that you need help getting your business into tip top condition? Then grab me for a quick one off Brain Storming session – or the All Yours plan.

Recent Ramblings…

9 ways to rule the world with your Marketing

9 ways to rule the world with your Marketing

Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go. Seth GodinMarketing is all about creating opportunities.Opportunities for people to see you, get to know, like and...

7 ways you should make like a Mule.

7 ways you should make like a Mule.

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How to NOT handle Change.

How to NOT handle Change.

Sheryl Crow said it best when she sang 'Sheryl Crow ~ A change would do you good'. When you are planning and running your own business we can get so bogged down in what our path is, what we will and won't do - that we can ignore the signs that life is about to slap us...


I’m Rebecca, Problem Solver Extraordinaire and my purpose in life is helping small business owners like you reclaim your passion, pizazz and wow factor enabling you and your business to blossom and grow. Let's work together and make your business amazing again!


Beyond these doors you will find all my worksheets, guides, and resources that I have made over the years that I use for myself and clients. They help straighten out and streamline your business and ensure you are working with solid foundations and focusing on exactly what you need to be doing to be the best you can be.