It’s YOUR choice whether you succeed to fail.  YOU are awesome and capable of greatness.  Believe that anything is possible, dream big, make plans and do something to make them a reality.  One of my favourite quotes is, ‘Act as if it were impossible to fail’ by James K. Van. 

Shelley Wilson

The first book I’ve opted for is about change, setting goals, and trying to develop new habits.

How I changed my life in a year: One woman’s mission to lose weight, get fit, beat her demons and find happiness in 12 easy steps! by Shelley Wilson

Shelley is a single parent to 3 and escaped an abusive marriage with some mental baggage. Years later she set herself a challenge with a different theme each month over 1 year. 

I’ll be honest when I first saw it I expected the same churned out idealistic motivational drivel I have seen all too often. Early rising, mantras, green juices.. 

But this was the result; a short (158 pages), but entertaining read that had me nodding along and sympathising with some of her experience. Her 12 months covered;

  1.  Lose weight
  2. Get fit
  3. Do something creative
  4. Give up the Demon Drink
  5. Do something I’ve never done before
  6. Adopt better habits
  7. Appreciate what you have by giving something up
  8. Get out and about more
  9. Learn something New
  10. Be happy and grateful
  11. Conquer my fears
  12. Make home made gifts

I could relate to a lot of Shelley’s triumph and tragedies as she tried to break old habits and adopt new ones.  She told her story with humour, the set backs, the sneaky chocolate binges and falling off the wagon. All familiar to me. 😉 

Shelley is the opposite to me. She has a more holistic dare I say it hippy lifestyle – yet I jelled with her character.

Was she successful at making all the change she wanted to put in place? I’m not sure. She mentioned that she lost some weight in her first month – but I’m not sure she got to her ‘goal weight’. She mentioned in a 6 month review that her weight had gone up and down over the months with the various challenges.  it sounded like she did Weight Watchers for 1 month and then left – I figured she’d be keeping up the changes from the title of the book.  Weigh loss isn’t an ‘easy step’ for many and doing a month and then dropping it with the attitude of ‘I’ll just eat healthier until I forget again’ didn’t seem like she was actually making life long lasting habits.  

I didn’t see some of her habits as ‘easy steps’ – but perhaps this comes from her saying she broke things down into weekly tasks – thus making them small and easier to undertake?  

I had expected her to start new habits – and continue with them through out the year but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Did I learn anything from it? Hmm. Kind off. I did come away with some new habits I want to try such as putting a glass next to the kettle so I increase my water intake and have a glass every time I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. I also decided to try and take back up some old hobbies (crochet) and learn new things rather than being sat at my computer 24/7. I am going to visit more places both on my doorstep and further afield. It did inspire me to do more, be more and try more. I’m not in a place where I want to stick to a regime each month as Shelley has done but I am working on incorporating more into what I currently do week in week out. I don’t ‘do’ New Years resolutions but I will try to adopt new habits throughout the year – but I am going to review things using the areas that Shelleys set out and see what happens. I’m a smidgen excited!

Would I recommend it? Yup. 

Cost: I was fortunate enough for the book to have been free with my Kindle Unlimited account when I read it – the actual Kindle and Paperback version is averaging about £2.75 so even had I bought it I feel it would have been worth that. 

Reading time: 1.5 hours (don’t forget I absorb books as opposed to the traditional human style of actual reading. It’s a secret super power).

Until next time my beauties….


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