The Wowpreneurs Mastermind




noun, singular wowpreneur.


1. WOWPRENEURS – Business owners who, by risk, initiative and sheer bloody determination, attempt to make profits. Fight a valiant battle against frustration, overwhelm and being over worked. Know when to call in the cavalry for hands on support. 

2. WOWPRENEURS – a community of small business owners who are frustrated, overwhelmed or overworked and want a higher level of hands on support helping them go from ideas to action to results. 

3. WOWPRENEURS – Business Owners that demand quality support with the systems, processes, tech and organisation behind the scenes so they can stay out front and wow their clients. 

You are ready to be a WOWPRENEUR if…

Any of these happened to you in life or business?

Making to-do lists after to-do list.. and not doing them. 

Grabbing every webinar, freebie, and fast track magic solution. And it’s just adding to the noise and feel of overwhelm.

Procrastinating and spending more time avoiding / worrying then taking any action at all. *Candycrush anyone?*

You’ve tried being disciplined with yourself. That lasted all of 3 days. 

Business as it is – is having limited results and life as it stands is not how you want to see out your days.

You want to re-visit your approach and strategies. You want to maximise results for all the effort you are putting in.

You want balance in your life between work and home.

You want the training, support and structure that a community of like minded individuals can give you.

You’ve tried to go it alone but keep getting stuck and overwhelmed; you can’t seem to follow through.

You’ve seen other folks killing it with their business, and it’s making you wonder what’s wrong with you – why can’t you achieve the same level of success.

You are ready to invest in yourself and your business. You are ready to commit to change.

Real life constructive criticism by the bucket load that empties itself in a pile in front of you and from it blooms the same situation looked at in so many new ways with new possibilities.

Rebecca is a bundle of practicality, positivity and oozes brilliance!

Kathryn Kubiszewski

Owner, Little Treasures


The Community

A small online community where you can find like minded folk to share, support and advise each other. To build friendships, find opportunities but most of all – gee each other on to be bloody amazing.


I regularly check you are alive and kicking and keeping up with the targets you’ve set yourself to achieve your plans. No one gets left behind or stuck in a corner.


Monthly Training themes with actionable content to execute and implement in your life and business. No fluffy theory – but actual methods, tips and techniques to solve issues standing in your way.


Quarterly Reviews ensure you are on course with your targets and see if any fine tuning of your plan is needed to bring you back on track.

Emergency Button

I regularly check you are alive and kicking and keeping up with the targets you’ve set yourself to achieve your plans. No one gets left behind or stuck in a corner.

Monthly Call

2 monthly live calls where we can share how we are getting on with the months topic, work in general and work through any problems, coming away with more ideas and inspiration.


Just me and you having a chat once a month to blast away the cobwebs and work through your goals and come up with actionable ideas to implement. 

What does WOWPRENEURS membership cost?

The current price for this cohort is £99 per month and there are only 5 slots available.


That’s it. Forever if you sign up now. 

Less than a fancy pants yakachockamocha coffee per day. 

Next time doors open the price will be going up.

You intrepid early explorers get access to so much and will shape how the Mastermind grows and what I deliver to you.  

A small, select, safe group of us – what changes we can bring about!

There will never be more than 10 of you in the group so it’s a real hands on high level service you will be part of.

The doors will be sliding shut behind you whilst we get to know each other and won’t re-open until there is a space made.

Can you and your business afford to wait until then?

I have found your attention to detail refreshing every time I have worked with you. This combined with your professional “outside the box” way of thinking has coached me out of several sticky situations. I am always grateful for your advice, support and find you a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Rebecca Green

Owner, Hookers Corner

Got Questions? I've got answers...

How many people will be in the group?

Space is limited - there will be no more than 10 ever - that way I get to keep it personal and can interact with everyone throughout the month. 

How do I pay?

The signup process takes you through Stripe. You don't need to have a Stripe account to signup - just a credit or debit card.
Payments will be taken automatically each month after that - on the anniversary of your sign up date. 

Are positive results guaranteed?

In a word. No. 

If you come at this with some determination, grit and a little bit of attitude then things can only get better right?

I'm here to help, to facilitate and show you some new methods, hints, tips and tricks that will make life work for you.  To dig deep with you. To glue things together and help you have an amazing streamlined business. But I can't do it without you being involved and 'on it'.

I don't believe in a 1 size fits all solution but I do believe that everyone can improve their lot in life - and with a helping hand you're twice as likely to succeed. At the end of the day the onus is on you to turn up and make the effort. 

Do you offer a money back cancellation policy?

Nope. No Siree.

The commitment you made is for one month. It may be a small sum of money to you - but this is my bread and butter. I've put hard work, years of research, design and all sorts of shenanigans into making this. You can leave whenever you wish and cancel your subscription easily through Stripe or by contacting me.  I will mourn your passing though. I'll feel lost and adrift.. but such is life. *sniff

There is no commitment that ties you in past the month you have paid for - and I think that is fair enough. 

Is it going to be pretty awesome?

Do bears shit in the woods?

Hell Yes. I'm excited. I want it to be an amazing valuable helpful Mastermind community for you so I am putting my all into this baby. Suggestions from members are most welcome to help shape it into being the best dang community in the world*. 

*slight exaggeration maybe*

Who is this really for?

Wowpreneurs is for those amongst us who are overwhelmed or struggling with shizzle and we know, really KNOW that with a little help we could make a go of things. We could make things really work out for us.

You may still have periods of doubt but underneath you are motivated, committed and determined to create a life and business you love. 

Whether you have been in business for years, or are pre-start up, sell products or services, want to take over the world or are content running a purposefully small local business Wowpreneurs can help and support you.

It’s for people who want to meet like-minded business buddies, have a few laughs (because where would we be without some lighter moments in our lives right?) and devote time to focusing on building their business.

You must be someone who takes responsibility for their own results and understands that building a business takes focus and determination.

I don't have a business yet, is Wowpreneurs right for me?

Wowpreneurs is about getting yourself in a place where you can handle anything life throws at you.  It's about having the business foundations and basics in place.  It's about identifying the systems and structures you need in place. And then building on all that with all the extra shiny goodies that entrepreneurs have to consider. 

So if you join before you have started your business you are getting in at just the right stage - you can start your business on the right foot and save yourself from making some of the mistakes so often made by startups.

How is this package different to your other services?

Wowpreneurs is a cost effective way to work with me and get support, accountability and training.

Whilst I will still be undertaking some 1:1 and in-person workshops in 2020, Wowpreneurs will be my main focus.

What is working with you like?

Awesome of course!

I am really honest about what has worked for me and hasn't. The mistakes I have made and how they affected me and my business. The things I did right and how they helped.

I'm not about overly fancy, complicated or expensive systems and solutions. I want what works for you or me, because there is no such thing as one size fits all *especially not with tights when you are 6' tall and it's all leg*.

I would rather over deliver in this program then try and sell you another of my services; unlike coaches I dealt with in the early days of my business where all they were concerned with was making more sales.

I'm extremely passionate about everything you can be, about the possibilities that lie ahead of you. When you are my client - your success and happiness, your confidence - the whole caboodle - it's everything to me. 

When will the group coaching calls be held?

Group coaching times are to be agreed once you are the cohort starts and will be will be recorded in case you can’t attend. The time and date can be changed if beneficial to the group. 

I'm not in the UK - Can I still join?

Wowpreneurs has been designed so that participants in other countries can join as the time zones are suitable for most of Europe and  parts of the US, Canada and Australia. 

If you are located in other parts of the world I will (if possible) try to accommodate your time zone and requirements.

How quickly can I expect results?

Some people might experience successes and notice difference in their life and business immediately whilst others can take longer.

The speed of your results will depend on your action taking, commitment and personal investment in Wowpreneurs. 

It depends on what you have going on at home and work. I will roll out the saying again - no one size fits all - so everyone will have different types of results on a variety of timescales. There is no map or timeline - you are all making your own.

Wowpreneurs is designed not as a quick fix or magic solution but as practices, systems and techniques that will continue to help you far into the future. That you can apply again and again to various areas of your life. That you can use to help others. 

However, that doesn't mean that we won't be able to identify quick and effective strategies to catapult you forward early on.

Answered your questions? Good…


Don’t forget – The current price for this cohort is £99 per month and there are only 5 slots available.


My Why...

Helping people turn their business around is something I have done for over 20 years.

I’ve worked in business of all sizes. I have been everything from an administrator to office manager, cleaner to director. I’ve managed staff numbering from 1 to 1500.

But I’d never worked in a 100% smooth well managed, well run and successful business.

I've always seen the niggles, the issues and the temporary solutions people threw at them. Like cheap plasters that always fell off leaving a worse problem behind. A nasty infection that people never had the time to treat.

I love nothing more than looking at a problem and fathoming out why it exists and how to solve it.
How to make things perform better, smoother, cheaper...

I'm fabulous at seeing the big and little picture, the pattern in life and business, how things should ebb and flow to make things work.

Yet my life away from work had always affected my confidence and held me back from being the best I could be. From achieving and being my best. As for taking my own advice.. forget it.  If things aren't right in your personal life - than trying to make a go of things in business on your own - well - it won't be pretty. You need balance as I have found over and over again.

Chronic depression always raised its head when things were picking up. Problems with my family would impact on how I functioned. Relationships breakdowns.. Massive debts.. The list goes on.  2 years ago – I got the help I needed from many sources. When I stopped and looked at myself - the results were surprising.

I didn't have an identity.

I had acted as a different version of myself for so long to all my different circles. When asked on a Workshop what my values were  – I couldn’t answer.  I had to ponder over this for two weeks. Two whole weeks of not being able to answer what makes me tick. I couldn't even answer 'What do I want people to think or know about me?'!

What would I want written on my grave? I started with “she was nice”.  Nice!

That was my starting and sticking point. All I saw beyond that were the negatives. I took a good hard look at who I was. How I acted. If I followed my inner voice and listened and acted upon my values. The answer was NO.

I didn't like myself.

Imagine not liking who you are? It is little wonder that other areas of my life were a mess. I made changes. I stopped being so hard on myself. I made life changes and put in place boundaries.

Life isn't perfect. But I don't believe that perfection exists...

Life is happy. And happiness beats everything else hands down.

When I ran training sessions I found more and more entrepreneurs that related to my story.

We had no identity. We were a mish mash of what we ‘thought’ those around us wanted us to be.

I see so many passionate entrepreneurs failing at what they are doing because they haven’t got two vital things in place. A knowledge and understanding of Self and Strong Business Foundations. You get them sorted first – and then you build on all the fancy business add ons.

If you are in a complete mess with either of them – I guarantee it will impact on you and your business. It will hold you back.

You can keep making excuses like I did for years – or you can take action.

And that folks - brings us to WOWPRENEURS.

WOWPRENEURS enables me to combine my passion and background of Business Management with my love for helping others be fecking amazing.  I created it because I realised I wasn't alone in how I felt. I created it as I want you to find lasting solutions. To be the best you can be - in life and business. 

What are you waiting for?

Extremely friendly and helpful, a massive help to someone who doesn’t know where to start like myself.  A great help, would recommend anyone starting a business – call for a brainstorming session, money and time very well spent!

Mick Greenwood

Owner, Greenwood Joinery & Maintenance